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Join a fascinating historical talk on an infamous Mortlake resident, trusted by royalty but famous for astrology, magic and alchemy, as part of Libraries Week 2019.

Libraries Week is an annual celebration of libraries taking place across the UK between 7 -12 October.

As part of the programme of activity, Twickenham Library will be hosting a talk at 7pm on Wednesday 9 October by local expert, Will Bird.

He will focus on Mortlake resident John Dee. Dee (1527-1609) was one of Tudor England’s most extraordinary and enigmatic figures - a Renaissance polymath, with interests in almost all branches of learning. He served Elizabeth I at court, advised navigators on trade routes to the ‘New World’, travelled throughout Europe and studied ancient history, astronomy, cryptography and mathematics. He is also known for his passion for mystical subjects, including astrology, alchemy and the world of angels.

Dee built, and lost, one of the greatest private libraries of 16th century England. He claimed to own over 3,000 books and 1,000 manuscripts, which he kept at his home in Mortlake near London, on the River Thames.

Join Will for a fascinating journey into a lost world of superstition and secrets!

Cllr John Coombs, Lead Member for Culture and Libraries, said:

“Our borough has a fascinating history, where many local residents have played influential roles in the development of our country. John Dee is one of those people. He was trusted by Elizabeth I through the most momentous events of her reign. But was he a brilliant scholar, scientific genius or magician? You decide!

This is another example of one of the marvellous, varied events and activities held at our local libraries - and a perfect way to celebrate Libraries Week.”

Tickets cost £3 including refreshments. To book, visit your local library or go to:

– from a Richmond Council press release - 3 October 2019