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Old news, but in case anyone hasn’t heard:

“Former Liberal Democrat leader Sir Vince Cable is to step down as an MP at the next general election.

Sir Vince has represented Twickenham since 1997 and served as business secretary in the coalition government.

After losing his south-west London constituency seat at the 2015 general election, the 76-year-old regained it in the snap poll two years later.

He took over Lib Dem leadership from Tim Farron, continuing to lead the party in its opposition to Brexit.

When Sir Vince stepped down as leader in May, Mr Farron said his legacy was to have saved his party from possible extinction after its election trauma in 2015.

Under his leadership, the Lib Dems witnessed a grassroots revival, with the party taking control of a host of councils during May’s local elections.”

- BBC - 28 August 2019