Image - marble-hill-tennis - Photo by Josh Calabrese on Unsplash

Marble Hill Park is running a number of ‘American Doubles’ tournaments this Autumn for adult improvers.

How does ‘American Doubles’ work?

  1. You play with a different partner against different opposition in each round.
  2. Each round could be a ‘short set’ i.e. first to 5 games wins, or it could be ‘timed’ i.e. whoever has the most games after 30 minutes wins.
  3. They provide an opportunity to play against others in a fun, relaxed environment.
Saturday 28th September 2.30-4.30pm £20
Saturday 26th October 2.30-4.30pm £20
Saturday 30th November 2.30-4.30pm £20

More information

  • Each tournament needs a minimum of 4 adults to run.
  • The maximum number for each tournament is 8 adults.
  • An ability to serve from the baseline is required to enter.
  • Contact: GORDON GIBBINS -