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Residents are invited to come and find out more about the plans to replace Mereway Weir and install a new fish pass on the River Crane.

This Autumn, the Environment Agency are planning on replacing the existing weir on the River Crane located at the end of Mereway Road. The weir is coming to the end of its 30 year lifespan and it and its mechanisms have to be replaced.

Alongside the weir replacement, they are also hoping to construct a fish pass through the Nature Reserve connecting the Duke of Northumberland’s River and the River Crane. This will allow fish to access parts of the River Crane that have previously been limited or not available. This will attract further wildlife and create greater biodiversity in the surrounding areas.

The Environment Agency, Richmond Council, Friends of the River Crane Environment and Friends of Kneller Gardens are inviting residents to come and find out more about the plans on Tuesday 3 September from 1pm - 6pm at Kneller Gardens.

Cllr Martin Elengorn, Chair of the Environment, Sustainability, Culture and Sport Committee for Richmond Council, said:

The Crane Valley is one of the few river corridors within London that provides a continuous belt of semi-natural habitat.

The weir currently protects over 500 nearby residential properties from a high risk flood event. Updating the current weir will continue this protection.

The new fish pass will act as another channel, linking the Duke of Northumberland and the River Crane through Mereway Nature Reserve. This will help to provide new feeding and breeding areas - which, in turn, will improve the local fish population.”

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– from a Richmond Council press release - 28 August 2019