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Free yourself from tension and strain and approach your Mondays with a fresh perspective. Sunday evening Yogalates will be restarting this September at the ETNA Centre, St Margarets, and all ages and abilities (even beginners!) are welcome.

An award-winning blend of Hatha Yoga and mat-work Pilates, Solomon Yogalates has been helping men and women around the world improve their breathing, core-stability, posture, and overall strength and flexibility since its conception in Byron Bay, Australia 30 years ago. This comprehensive method blends the best of body conditioning Pilates with the holistic & relaxation benefits of yoga, helping you establish a strong, stable and flexible foundation for movement and calmer, more joyful mindset, both on and off the mat.

Since going to Beth’s Yogalates classes for over a year now I can feel the difference. I am gaining flexibility, improving muscle strength and posture, acquiring more confidence and releasing the pain caused by lower back problems” - Veronique, 58, Fulham.

Sign up to the new term today and receive 10% off the full price, plus 1 x 90-minute class absolutely FREE. For more information visit or email Beth at