Image - randall-station-barriers

During July work will commence to install automatic ticket barrier gates at St Margarets station.

They will be placed approximately across the space where the ticket office window is currently situated. The ticket office window will be relocated to the wall facing the road, with the automatic ticket machines placed either adjacent or opposite it.

These will replace the current oyster touch-in/out machines.

The station will remain open and work is due to be completed by the Autumn.

In addition, they intend to install an automatic gate at the side of platform three, something which local people have long campaigned. My understanding is that this gate will be remotely controlled from the ticket office and will be opened only for disabled or buggies etc, not for general able-bodied use. Out of ticket office hours it will be left permanently open.

This does raise the concern that children will be easily able to wander from Amyand Park Road directly onto the platform out-of-hours, so parents would need to take care. Though such situation is fairly normal at many other stations.

– from Ed Randall