Image - sivota-greece

I have just returned from a week’s holiday in Sivota, a small harbour town on the north west coast of mainland Greece, just short of the border with Albania. Although the tourist season had barely started the town was busy with middle aged visitors from across Europe, taking advantage of the lower prices and the general absence of children! Realising that I was British they were keen to ask why the UK had voted to leave the EU. Here are some of their questions…

  1. At the time of the referendum in 2016 the Brexiteers promised that the UK would prosper after leaving the EU because it was the 5th most powerful economy in the world with a prosperous trading market. Didn’t we realise that the reason why the UK was the 5th most powerful economy in the world with a prosperous trading market was because it was an active member of the EU?
  2. If Nigel Farage and his chums are so keen to leave the EU why are they so keen to get elected once again into the EU Parliament?
  3. Why were so many people happy to vote for Nigel Farage and his chums knowing nothing of their policies beyond getting out of Europe? Rumours circulating in Europe hint that Nigel, influenced by his pal Mr Trump, wants to privatise the NHS and introduce some form of gun ownership as a ward against knife crime!
  4. If politicians are so against the notion of a second referendum or a People’s Vote - seeing this as ‘undemocratic’ - why were they willing to accept Mrs May’s ‘Deal’ Bill being presented to Parliament on 3 separate occasions?
  5. With his apparent willingness to dip his hands into other people’s pockets to pay for ill-conceived projects like water cannons and garden bridges while spouting nonsense about the apparent £350 million that the UK pays each week into the EU why do some people still speak so highly of Boris Johnson?

Although I was unable to provide satisfactory answers to any of these questions, particularly the leading one “Why is Britain leaving the EU?” there was one British couple visiting Sivota who were more than happy to come back with a firm and unequivocal response…

“To take back control! To take back control of our borders and immigration. To take back control of our laws. To take back control of our economy. To take back control of the management of our country.”

When the couple were asked where they lived, they replied that from October to May they lived in Corfu where they had a villa and a yacht. From June to September they rented the villa and yacht out to holiday makers and returned home to a flat in Warwickshire. It struck me that these Brexiteers had already Brexited.

— from Martyn Day