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Can dockless bikes help us to cycle more? That is the question that Richmond Council would like local residents to help answer, following from the withdrawal of ofo bikes last year.

In May 2018, ofo launched a bikeshare scheme in Richmond upon Thames, with around 200 yellow dockless bikes in the borough.

People could use the ofo app on their smartphone to find, unlock and pay for the hire of the bike. There were no docking stations and people could park the bike anywhere that a regular bike might be parked.

During the six months the service operated, 19,000 local trips were recorded by ofo, before the company ended its business in the UK.

The Council is currently reviewing the use of dockless bikes in Richmond upon Thames, as one element of its strategy working towards 15% of all trips being carried out by bicycle by 2026.

With more dockless bike share schemes, including electric bikes, being rolled out across the Capital, Richmond Council would like to hear resident’s views on their experiences with ofo and any other bike share scheme.

Cllr Alexander Ehmann, Richmond Council Cabinet Member for Transport, Streetscene and Air Quality, said:

“We know that we are a borough of keen cyclists. We want even more people to get on two wheels, it keeps us healthy and is good for the environment. We are looking at a host of ways that we can support and encourage cyclists of all ages and abilities.

“We were obviously disappointed, but not surprised to learn of ofo’s exit from the London market and therefore Richmond upon Thames. And we remain committed to supporting cycling as part of our overall work to increase active travel. Therefore, we want to hear from local people about their experiences - either with ofo, or any dockless bike provider.”

The consultation closes on 7 June 2019. For more information or to have your say, go to: