Feeling anxious? Worried about the future? Unable to find leadership or guidance? Don’t worry! Do what my old granny used to do - get yourself a copy of Foulsham’s Original ‘Old Moore’s Almanack’. If you’re without any answers you’ll find all the answers you need within!

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Old Moore’s Almanack is an astrological almanac which has been published annually in Britain since 1697 and is still available today for £3.50. It was first written and published by Francis Moore (1657-1715), a self-taught physician and astrologer who served at the court of Charles II. The first edition in 1697 contained weather forecasts but over the years it has extended its predictions to include astrological observations, political developments for the coming year, dates for gardening and fishing by moonlight, winning periods for jockeys and trainers, celebrity astro-profiles, and lighting-up times. It was a bestseller throughout the 18th and 19th centuries, selling as many as 107,000 copies in 1768. The almanac is still published annually by W. Foulsham & Company Limited, offering a wide range of predictions from the best times play bingo to tide tables. It claims to have predicted the September 11 2001 attacks on the World Trade Centre in New York.

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So what does Old Moore’s team of astrologers have to say about the coming year, and the future that awaits us all? Amongst the ads for such as Lucy Rainwater, Native American Shaman “I am the most powerful magician in the UK”, Master Kuang and the Whispering Wisdom of his Chinese Horoscope and Finbarr’s guide to having ‘Angels at your Call’, the Almanack predicts 2019 as the year for Optimistic Rebuilding. As Chiron, the healer, moves into Aries the influence of Jupiter and Neptune will generate optimism and the feeling that we can overcome our problems. (No! I don’t know what that means either.)

Of course our fortunes are not governed by Astrology and the stars alone. Our destinies are being tugged hither and yon by other cosmic influences. We are now well into the Chinese Year of the Pig, a time when things happen in an unpredictable and sometimes violent way. Pig years are times of gains and losses, when common sense is sometimes thrown out of the window in the heat of emotionally motivated events. People born in Pig years (1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995 and 2007) are passionate, loyal and sexy but also fiercely determined to achieve their ends. They also never, ever forget a slight against them. Fortunately, Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May, were not born in Pig Years. Jeremy is an Ox and Theresa is a Monkey!

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Jeremy Corbyn, born on 26th May 1949, is a Gemini. His lucky day is Wednesday. His Astrological Keynote for 2019 is:- The actions of others may be lucky for you this year but you must pay attention to joint financial or business matters. His astrological reading for March 29th, the supposed date of our exit from the EU says… Financially this may prove quite a stable period, cushioning you while you make forward plans. This is where your strengths lie.

Theresa May, born on 1st October 1956 is a Libra. Her lucky day is Friday, which just happens to be the 29th March, the supposed date of our exit from the EU.

Her Astrological Keynote for 2019 is: What happens at home this year may be hard work and not meet with expectations but socially there are new opportunities for growth and the prospect of a new idea. As for Friday 29th March Theresa’s astrological reading is…well Old Moore has no astrological reading for that particular day but for the period 21st - 22nd March it says - Decisions now should prove very successful- an excellent opportunity for short term advancement.

But what about everybody’s 2019 blood chiller, Brexit? Old Moore’s Almanack does offer a World Preview for 2019 which includes a section on the United Kingdom and our fate. This is their prediction…

There are notes of optimism and economic growth is early 2019, this in spite of Brexit. Jupiter’s alignment with the moon is good news for schools, the NHS, tourism and the service industries. However, the influence of Saturn on the Tory party chart in June suggests the leadership is under mounting pressure, directly connected to the handling of Britain leaving the European Union. On the UK chart Pluto makes another significant alignment which suggests there could be a change of resident in Number 10 by mid-summer.

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Old Moore’s Almanack sees our immediate future written in the stars. Having seen the mess that our current chaotic car-crash government is making of it I wish it was!

Old Moore’s Almanack is available for The Old Barrel Store, Drayman’s Lane, Marlow, Bucks SL7 2FF - Tel 01628 400631 - website - The cost is £3.50.

– from Martyn Day