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It isn’t every day of the week that you receive a warm invitation to a rather unusual Christmas Party being held in a rather unusual location from an even more unusual couple who have been dead for over 100 years. When once such invitation comes your way, you should take it up!

Regular readers of these pages already know about ‘Black’ Jack Needham, 2nd Earl Kilmorey, and his long-time girlfriend, the young and beguiling Priscilla Hoste. They have been living, or rather resting in eternal peace in St Margarets since 1863 in an exotic residence in a walled and very private garden. Their time together had been rather quiet until recent years when they had the builders in and then opened the bronze doors for hundreds of guests, young and old. These have been happy occasions with laughter and fond memories of time travel and mysterious tunnels. Although Jack and Priscilla never have much to say for themselves, they being long departed, there is an atmosphere of affection and tenderness in their company and proof if you needed it that love can last even beyond the grave. Why not come and experience it for yourself?

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On Sunday 2nd December Jack and Priscilla will be opening their doors once again to celebrate the coming season. The garden will be decorated, there will be carol singing, a treasure trail and Father Christmas will have presents for children in his Grotto (£5.). To book a place in the grotto please visit the website:

…and look for ‘Kilmorey At Christmas’. Following the advice of Priscilla - (Hoste by Name, Host by Nature!) there will be mince pies and mulled wine on donation.

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The Environment Trust opens the Kilmorey Mausoleum to the public on Sunday 2nd December between 3pm -7pm. Admission is £3 and free for children under the age of 2. All proceeds will support the Environment Trust’s nature and heritage conservation work. The address of the Mausoleum is 275 St Margarets Drive, TW1 1PN, (opposite the Ailsa Tavern). The H37 bus calls virtually at the door.

Come and visit the two lovers as they dream on - and hear their story of magik, Time Travel and a love eternal. Jack and Cilla may be no longer with us but at Kilmorey Mausoleum the Spirit of Christmas lives on!