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The TfL are proposing changes to bus routes 110, 419, 493, H22 and H37 to improve the bus network in Richmond, Twickenham and Whitton and would like your views on the changes.

Routes 110 and 419 would be merged and the whole route renumbered 110. It would be rerouted to Whitton, St Margarets and Richmond, extended to Hammersmith via Castelnau and withdrawn between Whitton and West Middlesex Hospital (covered by higher frequency routes 267 and H22). The merged route would have buses running every 15 minutes rather than every 20 minutes.

Route 493 would be withdrawn between Richmond, Manor Circus Homebase and Richmond Bus Station.

Route H22 would be rerouted to serve nearer to Twickenham station. It would be withdrawn from Richmond, Manor Circus and Twickenham town centre.

Route H37 frequency would be reduced from buses running every six minutes to every seven to eight minutes during Monday to Saturday daytimes, from every 10 minutes to every 12 minutes during all evenings, and from every eight minutes to every 10 minutes during Sunday shopping hours. The route will be covered at its busiest point by extended route 110/419.

To find out more and have your say, please visit: by Tuesday 11 December 2018. Alternatively, you can have your say by emailing:, or in writing to FREEPOST TFL CONSULTATIONS.