Image - twickstudios-curiosities

Twickenham Studios members club The Lounge is delighted to present “Twi-Curiosities”, an exhibition of hilarious and outrageously subverted historical prints of Richmond and Twickenham by local artist Jem Panufnik.

The renowned artist, DJ and record producer will showcase a selection of his favourite wickedly disrupted classical scenes, which include an octopus exploding out of Orleans Octagon Room, a hippo lazily wallowing in the Thames by Marble Hill and a giant chameleon dozing over Eel Pie Island. Panufnik is as best place as any to lend his surreal eye to these 18th century etchings: he is great-grandson to Nellie Ionides who rescued much of Twickenham’s parkland and left her entire collection of local engravings to the Borough, much of which Panufnik’s inspiration deviates from.

“What she would make of it, I have no idea,” comments Panufnik, “although she was known to have a wicked sense of humour.” About the show he says “The Lounge makes a perfect venue with its panoramic views of the local area from its gorgeous rooftop terrace. I am hugely honoured to be exhibiting these particular pieces in such a magical place, a major part of Twickenham’s creative heritage. I think it is highly apt that these works, with their dubiously imported exotica, should be shown in the very place that brought Superman, Dracula, The Beatles and a load of Zulus into St. Margret’s.”

The exhibition runs at The Lounge, Twickenham Studios from Friday, 21st September until Friday 2nd November. Non-members can view the exhibition between 3-6pm on September 22nd and 29th.