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A new decision-making model in which key decisions will require pre-scrutiny has been adopted at the Richmond Council meeting last week.

Key decisions are those which are likely to result in significant expenditure or savings of over £500,000 or which is likely to be significantly affect communities living or working in two or more Wards.

The new model will see the existing Scrutiny Committee, Call-In Sub Committee, Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee and the time-limited Scrutiny Panels disbanded and replaced by four new thematic Scrutiny Committees.

Each Panel will have a Chair and Vice Chair. One is chaired by a member of the opposition. They will meet four times a year. The panels are:

Finance, Policy and Performance OSC (Chairman Cllr Richard Pyne) Housing, Community Safety and Environment OSC (Cllr Lotte Campanale) Children’s Services and Schools OSC (Cllr Suzette Nicholson) Adult Social Services and Health OSC (Cllr Geoffrey Samuel)

Cllr Gareth Roberts, Leader of Richmond Council said:

“Returning to this system of Overview and Scrutiny Committees is part of our administration’s commitment to running a more open Town Hall. It means more of your representatives are involved in the day to day decision making that affects you.

“As a result of this change topic based scrutiny will take place in the four committees rather than being closed door panels.

“People have told us that they were tired of meaningless consultations, and decision-making from the top down. We have listened and this change is part of our moves to change that.”

A cross party task force will be set up to review decision making in 2019/20

— from a Richmond Council press release - 29 May 2018