Vince Cable, MP for Twickenham, commenting ahead of the rollout of Universal Credit, which will start in Twickenham from the 20 June said:

“This simplified system of benefits is supposed in principle to make life easier for people on benefits by collapsing six benefits into one. In particular it is has the intention to help people in work.

“However, the harsh reality so far is that where it has been rolled out in other places it has been a nightmare for many people.”

“I am apprehensive that a lot of people will get hurt for no fault of their own as they have to adjust to a new system. In earlier rollouts of the scheme many people were having to go without money for as long as two months. Locally it is important people should be aware that they can get 100% advances to help ease the handover. But for people not used to dealing with money and claims online there will be a culture shock.

“I, or the Citizens Advice Bureaux, or the JobCentre itself will try to help if there are problems.”

— from Vince Cable, MP press release - 31 May 2018