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Deportees no longer

70 years ago, on January 28th 1948, a poorly serviced Douglas DC3 passenger plane on its way to the Immigration and Naturalization Service Deportation Centre in El Centro, California, burst into flames over Los Gatos canyon in Fresno County and crashed, killing 28 Mexican migrant workers and the American crew of 4. Even though this was tragic event it might be assumed after such a long time that the crash and the loss of life would be forgotten but not so…

22 February 2018 | around_town

Step free St Margarets Station study

Richmond Council will fund feasibility study for step-free access at St Margarets Station.

A feasibility study will be carried out looking at the possibility of introducing level step-free access from the street to the train station in St Margarets.

22 February 2018 | news

Check your heart age

Residents in Richmond are being encouraged to check their heart age and make changes to their lifestyle to keep their hearts healthy.

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the borough, accounting for 10.8 per cent of deaths in Richmond upon Thames in 2016.

22 February 2018 | news

Off the Record office is revamped

A local Twickenham charity that provides confidential support and counselling services for young people in the borough will have revamped facilities, thanks to funding from Richmond Council.

22 February 2018 | news

Nominate Your Park

Residents are being asked to nominate tree locations for planting within the borough’s parks and open spaces as part of an initiative to plant more native trees in our green and open spaces.

22 February 2018 | news

My Richmond at Castelnau Library

My Richmond is a month-long course taking place on consecutive Saturday mornings from 24 February at Castelnau Library. Each week we will explore a different aspect of our local history, slowly building up, a model of our local area, as well as our knowledge of the rich heritage around us.

22 February 2018 | around_town

The Fourth Ward

Some people, local estate agents mainly, insist on calling St Margarets ‘the village’ even though most of us know that our slice of paradise is really a ‘dormitory’ or ‘a railway town’ which didn’t really come into existence until the railway station was opened on Monday 2nd October 1876. Before then it was about 2,000 acres of pasture, arable land, wood and common. We should be grateful that we live in ‘St Margarets’. The local businessmen who helped pay for the new station wanted to call the neighbourhood ‘Ailsa Bridge’. Phew!

17 February 2018 | around_town

Orleans House refurbishment completed

Orleans House Gallery, whose eponymous owner, the Duke of Orleans once called “my peaceful house in old Twick”, is about to come alive to a new wave of admirers after its refurbishment.

17 February 2018 | news

Struggling with technology and social media?

As part of their course, two women from the Swedish School in Richmond have created a company to help people with getting to grips with social media and technology.

17 February 2018 | around_town

Richmond Council offering EU passport checking service

European nationals living in Richmond upon Thames are now able to use a new Passport Return Service available at the Council’s register office.

Last year, Richmond Council agreed a package of measures to support the borough’s European residents in light of the Government’s overall plans to protect the rights of EU citizens in the UK, once the country leaves the EU.

17 February 2018 | news

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