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Demolition begins at the Lidl site

After extensive due diligence into the procurement of this project, we are pleased to say that we are fast approaching commencement of works on site.

The demolition is scheduled to start first thing in the New Year with the construction in the Spring time.

29 December 2017 | news

St Margarets Community Website 2017 Review

As 2017 comes to a close, we wanted to share some quick stats on the year that’s gone by, as we have in 2016, 2015 and 2014.

29 December 2017 | editorial

An unexpected Christmas present

In a previous life I worked in Children’s Television. At that time I had contact with a lot of record pluggers, those young, enthusiastic and thick-skinned people whose difficult job was to promote artists that they often didn’t like to unsympathetic people like me and persuade us to book them onto our programmes. As an inducement they would regale us with free tickets to see the acts playing live and as much vinyl as we could carry. One of this gallant and hard-boiled band was Ed who worked for the NEMS Agency. He knew almost everything there was to know about the pop scene although he was always very discreet about it.

14 December 2017 | around_town

Christmas services in our area - 2017

Here is a list of church services for Christmas Eve and Christmas for some local churches in the St Margarets area.

14 December 2017 | around_town

Christmas and New Year waste and recycling collection

Residents are being reminded that their collection times will be subject to change over the Christmas and New Year holiday period.

Following the Bank Holiday on Tuesday 26 December, Richmond Council will carry out waste and recycling collections (including Garden Waste Collections) for domestic properties two days later than usual. For example, Monday collections will take place on Wednesday and the Tuesday collections on Thursday.

14 December 2017 | news

Art History Lectures

A programme of talks and lectures exploring Art History and themes from the gallery’s exhibition programmes. Delivered in partnership with Mariska Beekenkamp-Wladimiroff, Art Historical London.

14 December 2017 | around_town

Creative Writing: Painting to Paper

Develop your creative writing and learn how to generate inspiration from poetry, gallery exhibitions and even the world around us. Sessions will focus on developing a creative dialogue between the writer and the art work.

14 December 2017 | around_town

Adult Painting Classes at Orleans House Gallery

Discover a range of painting techniques and create your own masterpieces. The classes are aimed at both beginners and experienced painters.

14 December 2017 | around_town

Five week mindfulness and emotion course

Working skilfully with our emotional landscape is one of the biggest challenges of being human. In this modern world many of us are caught within a confusing contradiction — pressured to work harder and harder while simultaneously living and pursuing a fuller and happier life. It’s not surprising that this can lead to a sense of overwhelm and defeat. Our emotions, instead of being regarded as valued messengers from the heart, become assailants and barriers. Without realising it, we can easily move into a place of emotional estrangement and numbness.

14 December 2017 | around_town

Old Deer Park planning guidelines

Residents are invited to have their say on the development of planning guidelines for Old Deer Park in Richmond.

The Council has been working with residents, businesses, community groups and organisations to help create planning guidelines for the Old Deer Park Conservation Area and has now prepared a draft Supplementary Planning Document for the area.

14 December 2017 | around_town

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