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We are delighted to share with you the film Memories Flow Through Me Like a Boat Flows Down the River - a specially commissioned dance theatre performance which is one of the key events in Richmond upon Thames’ First World War Commemoration Programme 2014-2018.

Memories Flow Through Me Like a Boat Flows Down the River is inspired by unique stories of the Belgium refugees who, having been displaced from their country by invading German forces at the beginning of the First World War, eventually settled in Richmond upon Thames - across East Twickenham and St Margarets and established a community life so vibrant that the neighbourhood was known locally as le Village Belge sur la Tamise - the Belgian Village on the Thames.

Acclaimed choreographer Jennifer Irons has created a new piece of site-specific dance theatre which invites the audience to reconnect with this remarkable chapter of local history.

The award winning creative team involved in this extraordinary project included professional dancers and students from Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance and Roehampton University.

The performances took place in July 2017 close to the location of the former Pelabon Munitions Works in Cambridge Gardens, East Twickenham where many of the refugees worked.

Our aim in making the film and documentary is to share this important, but currently less well known period of the borough’s history with as many local people as possible and we hope that you will be able to share it with as many people as possible via social media, newsletter or any other means.

The film and documentary are available to watch here: