Feedback from residents who took part in the summer consultation on the future of Twickenham Riverside is now being fed into the designs.

In June and July, residents were asked for their views on the latest proposals regarding the future of the King Street/Water Lane/Embankment site.

The designs were based on the most favoured option presented in the previous 2016 consultation - a building on King Street / Water Lane and a second building facing the Embankment and Diamond Jubilee Gardens with a wide open space facing onto the River.

Residents were specifically asked for their views on three areas - landscaping, parking, servicing and access, and ground floor building uses.

The feedback from the survey and drop-in sessions has now been evaluated and the Council is publishing the report detailing the key messages.

In terms of landscaping, residents preferred the convex steps up to the new development from the Embankment, and a more ‘informal’ design for the area up to Diamond Jubilee Gardens from the Embankment. The proposed uses for the ground floor comprising retail towards King Street and restaurant / café on the Embankment with business / community uses through Water Lane were also broadly supported.

Some respondents raised concerns regarding the scale of the Embankment building and the Council is looking at ways to address this. There was a mix of views on the style of architecture and how that could be developed to be in-keeping with the local area - reflecting the range of styles in Twickenham and recognising the influence of the River Thames in the history and future of the town.

Parking in the wider Twickenham area was also raised by a number of people during the consultation. The Council understands residents’ concerns about parking on the Embankment. Previous studies have shown the Embankment parking to be well used and at times under pressure. Parking in this area is outside the site boundary for the Planning Application for proposals on the riverside, however a study will be commissioned looking at parking across central Twickenham.

The feedback from this consultation is now being fed into a final design for the site, which will be consulted on later this year, ahead of a Planning Application being submitted before Christmas.

Cllr Pamela Fleming, Richmond Council Cabinet Member for Environment, Business and Community, said:

“We are working hard to make sure that these designs reflect the vision for Twickenham. I am pleased that we are heading in a positive direction and whilst there is still much to be done,, I hope that residents can see we have already come a long way to understand their views and develop the designs for this important part of the town and important part of River Thames.

“Making the Twickenham Riverside a destination for residents and visitors, bringing life to the embankment and river in a sensitive way is vital for the Town. This is where we are now focusing our efforts.

“In October we will be publishing our ‘final’ designs for the site. I am hopeful that we can meet the aspirations that residents have set out in the feedback and that residents will be able to acknowledge that we have listened to their feedback so far.”

For more information or to see the consultation results, go to:

— from a Richmond Council press release - 5 September 2017