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In other places it might be called “A Yard Sale” or “A Garage Sale” or even “A Car Boot Sale” but not in North St Margarets. There is a ‘Sale’ coming all right but you won’t find a Car or a Boot, or a Garage or a Yard for that matter. In North St Margarets their street sale is called “G.A.S.S Day” which fans of acronyms might recognise as “Great Annual Street Sale”. Acronym fans will also recognise that it is run by NSMRA - the North St Margarets Residents Association - and like all good street sales it takes place in the street.

The principle is simplicity itself. Residents living in the streets flanking All Souls Church - principally Northcote Road, Haliburton Road, Newry Road and Heron Road put tables outside their houses and cover them with things that they wish to sell. As you can imagine it’s all quality stuff - books, CD’s, clothes, toys, plants and assorted object d’art from lawn mowers and old masters to music instruments, kitchen equipment and stuff left over from the War. Some entrepreneurial types even put out homemade jams, chutneys and pickles with a side order of cakes.

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When we last held GASS in 2015 it attracted so many stalls out onto the street they were, according to one resident, visible from aircraft flying into Heathrow!

The event is on Saturday 9th September and starts at midday running through to about 3.00pm.

Such is the success of GASS the event is now open to people living outside the immediate NSMRA area. If you have a table and a load of junk - er, sorry, object d’art - that you would like to sell please contact Martyn Day at The cost is £5 per table for those living outside the community and £2 for residents. Space is limited so please do not delay. This invitation to GASS is not open to commercial organisations of any size.

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Setting up the GASS Day Sale at 11.00am local kids in fancy dress will parade around the area “Beating the Bounds” with magical willow wands. (As all mini-magicians know the very best wands are made from willow.) Although the “Beating the Bounds” ceremony is pre-Christian the children see it as pure “Harry Potter”.

For those unhappy souls who rarely venture north to the other side of the A316, NSMRA represents the good folk living in Northcote, Haliburton, Newry, Talbot, Heron and St Margarets Roads. To find GASS, stroll up the St Margarets Road, the A3004, towards old Isleworth and turn left just past the Ailsa pub. You have nothing to lose but your small change!

Put a note into your diary… GREAT ANNUAL STREET SALE - SEPTEMBER, 9th from 12.00 midday