A London Travel Blog has hailed Richmond upon Thames as the best borough to live, with a family, in the Capital.

London Unlocked, a city travel blog dedicated to all aspects of London, has created a guide to boroughs across the Capital, creating a helpful guide for families looking to move house.

They have looked at each London borough, and ranked them on a number of family friendly factors, such as schools, safety and average academic performance.

Richmond upon Thames topped the charts - coming first on GCSE results and lowest childhood obesity. The borough also came in the top five for low crime levels, number of schools per head and the percentage of borough that is green and open space.

Responding to the report, Richmond Council Cabinet Member for Children’s Services and Schools, Cllr Paul Hodgins, said:

“This report is telling us what we already know - Richmond upon Thames is the best place to live in London!

“We have the best primary schools in the country, high performing secondary schools, the fittest and healthiest young people and many award winning parks and open spaces.

“This is reflected in the Council’s investment in these areas. The Council has invested over £80m over the last three years to meet the rising demand for school places; improving and expanding school buildings; including rebuilds of our special schools; and extending parental choice by introducing sixth forms to our secondary schools.

“Since 2005 we will have spent £8.7m in improving parks, open spaces and play areas.

“We are also proud to have some of the fittest and most active residents in the country. We pride ourselves in our investment in sport and leisure activities - helping all residents stay fit and healthy. In our borough alone we have 66 playing pitches, 58 tennis courts, and four bowling greens.

“We are not complacent. We do listen to our residents and invest funding in those areas that help make our borough great.”

To see the report, go to: www.central-london-apartments.com/blog/best-london-boroughs-raise-family