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TUESDAY 23rd MAY 2017

07.00 The morning after the terrorist attack in Manchester when 22 people, many of them children, were killed by a bomb at the Ariana Grande concert in the Manchester Arena. On the news the announcer says that nobody had claimed responsibility for the attack. Responsibility. That word.

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We are surrounded by people who are responsible, people we can rely on. They help hold together our communities and our society. Responsible people. People who are “morally accountable for their actions”. Not just the obvious ones like doctors and nurses and teachers and ministers of religion, people who according to the dictionary are “capable of rational conduct, of good credit or position or repute, respectable, apparently trustworthy”.

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There are others too. The men repairing the hole in the road, the women running the Coffee Morning at the church, the Police, carers, bus drivers and airline pilots, the volunteer leaders who run youth organisations and Scout groups, people who are responsible - that word again - for the wellbeing and safety of their charges, people who care about young people’s present, and their future too. Normal people who are “answerable but not autocratic”. People who do not wander into an auditorium packed with young people and explode a bomb.

That is not responsible.

That is godless murder.

TUESDAY 23rd MAY 2017

14.14 Reuters announces that so-called Islamic State have claimed responsibility for the attack in Manchester. That word again.

– from Martyn Day

Note: All definitions come from the 3rd edition of the Concise Oxford Dictionary