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Gymboree has plenty of great things to do this summer from classes to play and other great activities.

Sensory Baby Play

Sensory stimulation and physical play for those crucial early years. Classes include song, movement, infant signing, puppets, fibre optics, bubbles, musical instruments and baby-sized apparatus.

More Information

  • Unlimited classes
  • £58.50 a month
  • from new born)

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Play and Learn

Nurture confidence, curiosity and physical skills through play based activities. Our fun and energetic activities are structured and curriculum-based, yet flexible enough to allow children to explore and express themselves fully.

More Information

  • mobile - 5 years
  • 2 classes a week including art and music and unlimited use of open gym
  • £58.50 a month

Fun Pass

Six classes to include unlimited use of open gym where children have access to our soft play and activity centre - £100 - (valid for 12 weeks)

Open Gym Membership

Access to use of our soft play and activity centre- £50 a month or £120 for 3 months

The Toy Shop

The team at the Toy Shop is led by two highly qualified and experienced teachers with backgrounds in primary and early years and who own and manage two local nurseries. The owner being a former Ofsted Inspector. They understand the developmental benefits of learning through play and use their expert knowledge to plan workshops, order stock and to provide customer advise on age appropriate toys.