Children and their families are invited to a half term week of workshops exploring light, shadows and projection, inspired by the stories of Orleans House Gallery.

From Tuesday 30 May to Friday 2 June, Richmond Council’s Arts service will be offering a range of full and half day workshops for children of ages 4 up to 17 years. Attendees can work with professional artists specialising in a range of different techniques from drawing, painting and print-making to sculpture and textiles.

Workshops include:

  • Animals in Action (Ages 4+) - Work with an artist to make stick puppets inspired by Eadweard Muybridge’s famous photographs of animals in motion.
  • Shadow Puppets (Ages 6+) - Work with an artist to create shadow puppets and a theatre set to make your own performance.
  • Discovering Light (Ages 6+) - Work with an artist and use cellophane and tissue paper to explore colour and light and use the overhead projector. Then create your own light sculpture to take home.
  • Sensory Objects (Ages 9+) - Work with an artist and go on a scavenger hunt around the gallery grounds in search of materials to make your own sensory objects. Use mixed media to create artworks inspired by found objects and the history of our site.
  • Sunday Afternoon Art: Drawing Dreamscapes (Ages 4+ and their families) - Take a look at our new Stables Gallery exhibition inspired by the jungle, other worlds and dreams. Create your own dreamscape diorama using paper, print and sculpture.

Ishbel Murray, Richmond Council Assistant Director for Contracts and Leisure, said:

“Many families will be looking for activities to entertain their children over the half term. These workshops are fun and educational. They aim to inspire children of all ages to explore art, using different techniques and materials. In many of the workshops, children will leave with their own creations to display at home.”