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A self-taught autistic artist has launched his latest beautiful but haunting portrayal of his imaginative world at a new exhibition at the Stables Gallery, in Orleans House Gallery.

Eric Jiani, who has Asperger’s syndrome, describes himself as a self-taught, fantasy artist and says that his work is semi-autobiographical.

Much of the imagery and inspiration that can be seen in his paintings are memories of his time living close to the Amazon rainforest, in Brazil, where he grew up.

Each piece of his work is a highly-complex and detailed composition, which is completed in laborious fashion over several months in his rather gloomy bare-walled basement flat. This environment is strangely enough, ideally suited to the creation of these beautiful and haunting portrayals of his interior imaginative world.

His work can be found in many private and public collections in Europe, South America and the United States but until 7 May, pieces will be on display at the Stables Gallery.

Cllr Meena Bond, Richmond Council Cabinet Member for Arts, said:

“This really is an inspiring exhibition. Eric Jiani has had to overcome a number of challenges in his life. And, this has not impacted upon his art but infact, it has enriched it. I am thrilled that we can host this exhibition.”

The Visionary Art of Eric Jiani will be on display at the Stables Gallery until 7 May 2017

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