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The day I met Chuck Berry

I met Chuck Berry once. It was early one morning in a deserted terminal building at Heathrow. Like me he was probably waiting to catch the first plane out to somewhere. He was sitting on a bench wrapped up in a greatcoat, with a guitar case at his side and a sour look on his face. It was him alright. He had been a hero of mine for years and was unmistakeable.

22 March 2017 | around_town

Event - Kilmorey Mausoleum Open Day - 26 March 2017

Although Francis ‘Black’ Jack Needham, 2nd Earl of Kilmorey and his oh-so-much younger mistress Priscilla Anne have both been dead for over 130 years they are proving to be St Margarets most welcoming hosts. Once again the stylish Victorian mausoleum that they share on the St Margarets Road opposite the Ailsa Tavern will be opening to the public.

22 March 2017 | around_town

Akela , wild camping and the Brocken Spectre

Back when I was a ‘tenderfoot’ camping was all about keeping it light and keeping it portable. ‘If you can’t hump it - dump it’ was the motto. That is no longer the case. Today’s campers of the trendy ‘glamping’ fraternity like to have everything with them from air conditioned tents/lodges/yurts with fridges, TV’s, full Wi-Fi and ensuite bathrooms to swimming pools, on-site restaurants, coffee shops and delis. Canoes, trekking ponies and archery make a welcome addition

18 March 2017 | around_town

Easter Holidays at Orleans House are here!

Imaginary Worlds! Join us from Monday, 3 to Thursday, 13 April 2017 for a range of exciting Easter workshops led by professional artists. We will be exploring the Stables Gallery exhibition by artist Eric Jiani and will explore nature, adventure and more!

17 March 2017 | around_town

Easter fun at the Toy Shop

Come and join in the Easter Fun - we have a whole timetable of activities lined up for the Easter Holidays working with qualified teachers, a professional cake maker and local artist and art teacher… book your child’s place now.

17 March 2017 | around_town

Townmead Road Re-use and Recycling Centre closure

From Monday, 27 to Friday, 31 March 2017, the Townmead Road Re-use and Recycling Centre will be closed for five days for upgrading works. It will reopen on Saturday, 1 April 2017.

17 March 2017 | news

Here comes the 'kwela kwela' van!

On the 25th April 1958 an unusual record appeared at the bottom of the Pop Charts. Unlike the other records that were its chart neighbours - the smooth ballads of Michael Holliday and Perry Como, the rock ‘n’ roll of Elvis Presley and Chuck Berry or the raucous instrumentals of Lord Rockingham’s XI and the Champs this record was a bizarre one-off.

12 March 2017 | around_town

Event: Twickenham parents against school cuts - 13 March 2017

Orleans Primary School, St Mary’s Primary School, St Stephen’s Primary School and Orleans Park School all in Twickenham have joined together to form a St Margarets branch of the National Campaign for Fair Funding for All Schools.

The branch will be holding an open meeting on Monday, 13 March at 7.30pm at Winchester Hall, Turks Head TW1 1LF to raise awareness of the cuts and form an action plan.

11 March 2017 | around_town

Event: Marble Hill archaeology open day - 18 March 2017

During March 2017 Historic England archaeologists will be exploring the original layout of Henrietta Howard’s garden, digging several trenches to look for garden features shown on a plan of 1752.

On the 18 March 2017 we are offing multiple tours of the excavation and archaeology talks by industry professionals.

10 March 2017 | around_town

Richmond Council raises taxes around 3.5%

Council Tax rise to protect key local services. Faced with massive cuts in Government funding, Richmond Council is forced to put up Council Tax to protect key services that residents want.

10 March 2017 | news

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