Announcing the change of this site’s domain name from to

Ever since 2005, when we purchased the domain, we have wanted to change it. As you can imagine, there is a lot of competition for good ‘St Margarets’ domains; schools, insurance companies, churches, pubs, hospitals, etc… The chance for changing seemed nearly impossible.

But, around two years ago, the internet domain people started expanding what could be used, and when we were offered and we took it. It has taken a good few months to plan all the moves and rename all the things that require renameing; and there is still lots to do. But as of 8pm on 27 November 2016, we are now living at

It will take a while for this to get to all bits of the site, and we might not move email, but make a note of the new name. Hopefully it will be more memorable and easy to tell your friends.