orleans october 2016 poster

Join us during your half term from 24 to 28 October.

This half term will be part of the Big Draw 2016. Taking inspiration from this year’s theme STEAM as well as autumn and Halloween, you can create artworks inspired by science and experiment with a range of materials including clay, textiles, printing and more! Have a go at experimenting with light to make shadow puppets, create a drawing robot and make your Halloween costume!

Monday, 24 October - Sculpted Trees or ages 6+

  • 10-3pm Work with artist Ashley Howell to translate drawings of trees into sculptures using wire, tin foil and clay. What can your imagination can grow? Modernist Materials for ages 9+
  • 10-3pm Work with artist Mary Herbert and get inspired by artists from the 20th century and beyond - use unusual materials to make sculptures that stand, move, hang or even fly! Try your hand at different ways of making sculptures from cutting and carving to gluing and painting in this fun experimental workshop.

Tuesday, 25 October - Puppet Stories for ages 4+

  • 10-12noon AND 2-4pm Work with artist Natalie Rhodes to create shadow puppets inspired by the stories of Orleans House. ALL CHILDREN BOOKED ON MUST BE AGED 4. Robotic Drawings for ages 6!
  • 10-12noon AND 2-4pm Join artist Josie Dick and experiment with art and science to create a drawing robot!

Wednesday, 26 October - Abstract Autumn for ages 6+

  • 10-3pm Work with artist Morgan Sinton-Hewitt to explore the shapes, colours and forms of autumn with patterns, paint and clay! Textile River or ages 9+
  • 10-3pm Work with artist Natalie Rhodes to use textile techniques and be inspired by the River Thames just on our doorstep.

Thursday, 27 October - Build it, decorate it, fly it for ages 6+

  • 10-3pm Join artist Charlotte Tupper in a kite making workshop where we’ll be problem solving how fabrics can fly! Using textile techniques and feeling inspired by science experiments, see your fabrics come to life in colour. Use your mathematical mind to shape your materials and build your own kite. Living Posters for ages 9+
  • 10-3pm Work with artist Charlotte Cranidge and create your own sci-fi inspired poster! You’ll start the session by creating a mini storyboard using collage techniques before working in collaboration to bring your poster to life!

Friday, 28 October - Halloween Costume for ages 6+!

  • 10-3pm Join artist Josie Dick to create your scary Halloween disguise! Using print, textile and more.