out there

Excited students of the Pauline Quirke Academy in Richmond are eagerly awaiting Saturday 9th July, which marks the launch of their summer musical, ‘Out There’. This space-themed extravaganza will be piloted by 6 to 18-year-old performers and powered by imaginative vision, epic choreography and a live band for some good old fashioned rock and roll rocket fuel. The shuttle will launch from Hampton Hill Theatre at 2pm before returning to earth for a re-launch at 7.30pm.

“Staging a full scale professional musical show, of the calibre of ‘Out There’, a brilliant pop/rock piece written by James Bourne (Busted) and Elliot Davies (Loserville), may seem an ambitious mission, indeed, a giant leap for mankind,” says Principal Charlie Langham. “But not for these fine young performers, who are no strangers to treading the boards.”

“Richmond residents may already have spotted the PQA troupe singing in ‘Thank Abba For The Music’ at the Richmond Theatre a few weeks ago, and performing in the town at Christmas. It doesn’t stop there; the students have made their own independent short films, which are currently being assessed by a team of industry professionals for the film festival season.”

PQA Richmond is also an ardent supporter of the Alliance Dance Unit, a community-run dance school in Brentford established with help from The Prince’s Trust, and all ADU students have received significantly discounted tickets to see the show.

16-year-old Jack Walford who plays the role of Logan Carter, commented: “Coming to PQA has been an amazing experience. Rehearsing the show has been really fun and I’m really looking forward to performing it.”

14-year-old Jade Foster, who plays Jamie, says: “I wanted the confidence boost when I joined PQA, because I didn’t really believe in myself. A lot of the teachers at PQA gave me that poise and self-confidence, and now I feel really comfortable within myself. I’m incredibly excited for the show!”

‘Out There’ is about fathers, grandfathers, families, love, loss, hope, learning to be a child, learning to be a parent and never, ever, giving up on your dreams.

“We invite Richmond residents to join Team PQA and have the chance to go where no-one has gone before, on the journey of a lifetime,” says Langham. “This is a not-for-profit production, with all ticket sales going into the show and for future ventures to infinity and beyond!”

PQA Richmond runs between 9:45am and 1pm at Christ’s School Performing Arts Centre on Saturdays. For more information on the Academy or on getting tickets for the show, please contact principal Charlie Langham on charlie.langham@pqacademy,com or visit www.pqacademy.com

– from a press release