Local Councillor Ben Khosa urged the Transport for London to visit the A316 crossing to see if they could improve the timings of the lights. After some weeks they finally visited the intersection and have made plans to improve the crossing.

They plan to:

  • Pedestrian countdown will be added to the crossings to provide pedestrians with a visual indication as to how long they have left to cross the road before traffic starts again.
  • Detection will be added to the southern crossing point so that the traffic control system can pick up when pedestrian flows are at their greatest. This will then extend the green man time during peak demand to provide pedestrians with a better chance of crossing in one movement.

Next steps are for:

  • Hardware to be installed towards the end of June
  • Following this a period of on-street adjustments by ourselves to optimise the balance for road users and pedestrians at various times of day to seek the best balance for all (approx. a week of work).

Well done Cllr. Khosa.