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Queen Elizabeth's Ghost

The thing about ghosts is that they are unpredictable. They turn up when you least expect them and then they scare the living daylights out of you. That’s how they work. You cannot set your watch by a ghost because ghosts do not keep to schedules or time tables… apart from the ghost of Queen Elizabeth 1st which is supposed to make an annual appearance every March 24th in the courtyard of Richmond Palace.

24 March 2016 | around_town

Turner's House Trust Gains Civic Pride Award

The London Borough of Richmond upon Thames has bestowed a Civic Pride Award of £5,000 to enable Turner’s House Trust to have its collection of prints, drawings, watercolours and oils professionally catalogued.

24 March 2016 | news

More on the Man with a Handkerchief Over His Nose

Here is a little more about the soldier who drove the bulldozer at Bergen-Belsen concentration camp at the time of its liberation - April 15th 1945.

24 March 2016 | around_town

Corenatal Group Personal Training Courses

It’s ironic that a new mum takes on her most challenging physical role when she is potentially the most out of physical alignment. Lifting and carrying a baby can be a struggle if your ligaments are unstable and this in turn makes your spine vulnerable to injury. Even if you have a normal, low risk pregnancy, the right exercise plays a vital role in keeping you strong and healthy.

24 March 2016 | around_town

Residents Create New Park Northcote Avenue Recreation Ground

Residents are hoping to transform the Northcote Avenue Recreation Ground, known locally as the ‘Pit Park’, into a landscaped area and nature reserve. Although just within the borough of Hounslow, the park faces Richmond across the River Crane, the middle of which marks the borough boundary. For this reason it has always been used by residents of North St Margarets as well as their Hounslow neighbours, being for many their nearest open space.

24 March 2016 | news

The Man with a Handkerchief Over His Nose

Lt. Col. Leonard Berney, who as a 25-year-old british army major helped liberate the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, died on 8th March 2016 aged 95.

19 March 2016 | around_town

Easter activities at Orleans House Gallery

The Easter Holidays are fast approaching and we are looking forward to two weeks of fun children’s activities where we will be creating artworks inspired by landscape, architecture and springtime!

19 March 2016 | around_town

Event Reminder: Flooding Consultation Drop-in - 22 March 2016

Residents in Teddington, Hampton and Hampton Wick who could be affected by a new scheme that aims to reduce the risk of flooding, can share their views with the Environment Agency at an event next week.

19 March 2016 | around_town

Local Vacancies: St Stephens Primary

We currently have Teacher Training Opportunities and a Graduate Placement Programme at St Stephen’s Primary School. We also have a vacancy for a part-time Teaching and Learning Assistant.

19 March 2016 | around_town

Community Safety Survey 2016

Help set the priorities for the Richmond Community Safety Partnership for April 2016 to March 2017. The Strategic Intelligence Assessment report looks at our performance on a range of crimes over the previous year and helps set the priorities for the coming year

19 March 2016 | news

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