adam tocock

After many years of service, Adam Tocock is stepping down from his role with the St Margarets Traders Association. Adam helped organise the group and all their activities, including publishing the wonderful St Margarets magazines and running the semi-annual Crown Road fairs. It is hard and often unappreciated work, but Adam pushed forward with a smile on his face and a ready joke. Thank you Adam and we will see you at Cutters.

Here is Adam’s goodbye message on the website

Dear St Margarets,

After years of service as the St Margarets Traders Association’s Assistant, I’m stepping down from this role at the end of the month.

It’s been great fun organising our bi-annual Crown Road Fairs and My St Margarets Magazines, helping co-ordinate St Margarets’ Xmas trees and street lights, representing our Association at council meetings, administrating the membership of the Association, and maintaining our social media channels, including this very website.

Cutters has been at the forefront of the Association, first through Simon and then myself, since its inception, and we will continue to support it as active members in 2016 and beyond, and we hope you will too; by using your local businesses and shopping with the heart wherever you have a choice.

Thanks for everyone’s help, you can keep up with Cutters on our new Facebook page and Twitter feed (@Cutters_TW1), and keep-on watching this space for news from the Association.

Happy New Year!

Adam, Cutters St Margarets Traders Association Assistant