Set the tone for the week with two new Tuesday day time yoga classes in St Margarets: Energising Morning and Boosting Afternoon Yoga.

Wake up and invigorate body and mind, with an energising morning yoga class, or help get over that midday slump with a boosting early afternoon class. For both sessions yoga postures are used to gently stretch and energise, nourish, uplift and rebalance the body. Breathing and relaxation techniques leave you feeling centred, grounded and ready for the rest of your day.

Find the time for a moment of calm and stillness in your busy day and join us.

Starting from Tuesday 13 October 2015.

  • Energising Morning Yoga Tuesday from 9:20am - 10:35am (just after drop off)
  • Boosting Afternoon Yoga Tuesday from 1:15pm - 2:30pm (just before pick up!)

More Information

  • The Training Works, 120 St Margarets Road
  • For beginners with some experience/Intermediates
  • Contact Sammie at or call 07758 866 834