horse carriage richmond park

Imagine the sombre steps of a pair of Shire horses approaching through the darkness. Tis Halloween, and Richmond Park in the dark is both exhilarating… and just a little bit scary!

At night in Richmond Park, all kinds of creatures emerge. Hear about the Shrew Ash, where to this day witches are murmured to congregate, and tales of highwaymen and ghosts… Marvel at the Park’s majestic stags, who at this time of the year sleep by day and fight their rivals at night.

Tickets for our Halloween rides are now available and all proceeds of the rides go to conservation and equine-assisted therapy projects in The Royal Parks.

More Information

  • Rides from 28 to 31 October at 6pm, 7pm and 8pm.
  • Cost: £48 for a one hour ride including carriage blankets and a glass of sloe gin
  • Book tickets online