HEROS Pears Memorial

Isleworth Cemetery, on Park Road in Isleworth, stands between Syon Park on one side and the West Middlesex Hospital on the other. It was opened in 1880 when the burial ground of All Saints Church near the London Apprentice became full. Now in its turn Isleworth Cemetery is full as well, its 9 acres of open grassland, trees and shrubs the last resting place of many including 30 ‘fallen heroes’ from the 1st World War, men who were wounded in France but died at home.

HEROS Alice Ayres grave

On Sunday 13th September the North St Margarets Residents Association is organising a walk around the cemetery to visit some of the graves of these local servicemen - people like Arthur Long of the Camel Corps, George Arnold, wireless operator on S.S Powhatan, Gunner Warby, a father of five daughters and Father Green, a chaplain at Gallipoli.

Starting from the north entrance by the main lodge at 11.00am the walk will also visit the memorial to Tom Pears who died aboard the Titanic in 1912, the grave of Alice Ayers, a local nursemaid who in 1885 lost her own life rescuing three children from a fire and the graves of the Smith family, a husband and wife, their two children and their grandmother who were all tragically killed in an air raid in October 1940. The walk should last about 1 hour.

HEROS Watson

Isleworth Cemetery is a quiet and reflective place but it is not a gloomy one. In its gentle decay it celebrates not death but lives that once were lived in hope, love and optimism, lives exactly like ours. By remembering those who may have been forgotten we are maybe demonstrating a continuity that we all hope for.

ISLEWORTH CEMETERY WALK - 11.00am Sunday 13th September from the main lodge at North Gate.

– from Martyn Day