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Hey Ho! Come to the Fair

bq. “This is the time of the year when St Margarets empties out and turns into a ghost town…”

Overheard at the St Margarets Fair - Saturday 11th July 2015

16 July 2015 | around_town

Record Breakers - Summer Reading Challenge 2015

Record Breakers is this year’s Summer Reading Challenge in libraries all over the country for children aged 4 to 11, produced by The Reading Agency in association with Guinness World Records.

16 July 2015 | around_town

Event Reminder: Shakespeare in the Garden - 8 to 9 September 2015

We’re not just famous for rugby - this Summer, Shakespeare in the Garden is back at the Turk’s Head. Permanently Bard presents “Romeo & Juliet” - the greatest love story ever told.

16 July 2015 | around_town

Local Languages Over the Summer

Prepare for your holiday, or pretend you’re already there, by joining me (Adrienne at Live Languages) for private or small group lessons in French, German or Spanish.

16 July 2015 | around_town

Twickenham Votes for a Lido on Twickenham Riverside

During consultations with local stakeholders it has become clear that there is a wish to bring back a Lido on Twickenham Riverside. Twickenham Alive has identified a successful “courtyard” style lido in Bristol which would fit into the site available.

16 July 2015 | around_town

Event Reminder: Summer Family Workshops - Gardens Through Time

Events every day from 10 to noon from Tuesday 28th July 2015 to Friday 31st July 2015.

The Museum of Richmond is thrilled to announce that its Summer Family Workshops will be on the theme; GARDENS THROUGH TIME. This will complement our ‘Feeding London; the forgotten market gardens’ exhibition which runs at the museum until September 1st

15 July 2015 | around_town

Lashings of Ginger Beer!

Of all the summer sounds of my suburban childhood - the spine tingling theme to “Dick Barton - Special Agent”, the clack of leather against willow as the brylcreemed Denis Compton showed the rest of the world how to play cricket - the one I most clearly remember is the woman next door constantly asking me if I wanted a Ginger Beer Plant. “Do you want to make some ginger beer, ducks?”

8 July 2015 | around_town

Event Reminder: Fun Art Day in JMW Turner's Home - 12 July 2015

Children’s workshops, art demonstrations, exhibition and music are all included at ‘the little draw’, a fun family art day taking place at Turner’s House on Sunday 12 July, with a programme of events from 12 noon to 6pm.

8 July 2015 | around_town

New Local Business: St Margarets Property Partnership

Introducing St Margarets Property Partnership, a uniquely personalised and community-driven estate agency, dedicated to offering the highest quality Sales and Lettings service to the residents of St Margarets.

6 July 2015 | around_town

Is There a Stag Beetle at the Bottom of Your Garden?

Last Friday I was tidying up what I like to call my office - a.k.a the back bedroom - when I found, lurking in the wastepaper bin, a Stag Beetle giving me one of those “What are you staring at, pal?” looks. It was big - about the size of a large box of matches - and waving around a set of fearsome jaws.

2 July 2015 | around_town

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