arthouse 2015

Celebrating ARThouse 2015 Turner’s House is delighted to host an exhibition by two local professional artists, both inspired by our great British landscape painter.

On the weekends of 27 to 28 June and 4 to 5 July Beverley Waller and Jim Woodman will be showing recent works inspired by, and some created in, Turner’s House and garden. Opening times are 11am to 6pm on all four days. It is a selling exhibition and entry is free.

Over the past year Beverley Waller has been inspired by the beauty of Turner’s House through the seasons and has now completed works including a series depicting ‘4 Seasons of Turner’s Basement Window’. “The peace and beauty of the house have settled on me, inspiring me to draw, draw, draw, often returning to my studio to immediately paint,” says Beverley. “My inspiration comes when a place touches me with beauty and tranquillity, as the stillness of Turner’s House has done; ironically not a far cry from my seascapes.” Beverley is a member of the Fountain Gallery Artists Cooperative in Hampton Court.

Jim Woodman’s inspiration is the landscape, one of his favourite locations being the Thames and its environs in London, as it was for Turner, who designed his country retreat, Sandycombe Lodge, near the river at St Margarets, Twickenham. A member of the National Society of Painters, Sculptors and Printmakers, Jim uses oils and watercolours in strong, vibrant colours.

Both are widely exhibited in both public and private galleries.