Local Liberal Democrat Councillor (and Deputy Opposition Leader), Alexander Ehmann has written to Conservative Cabinet Member, Pamela Fleming setting out a number of ambitious projects for St Margarets as part of the Council’s Village Plan consultation (due to conclude on the 29 June). Cllr Ehmann’s asks include:

  • Improvements to St Margarets Train Station, including detailed plans for step-free access and overall improvements to the aesthetics and facilities at the station.
  • Upgrading Moormead Park Facilities, including a road-map to the refurbishment of Moormead Pavilion and consideration of youth facilities.
  • Investing in Cycle Improvements, including greater provision of on-street cycle storage.
  • Boosting Car Parking Space, including a village-wide audit of potential sites for parking bay extension or new provision.
  • Safeguard the Chertsey Road (A316) Footbridge, by designating it an “Asset of Community Value”, asking the Council to set aside funds for its upkeep and naming the bridge.

Commenting on the submission, Cllr Ehmann said:

“The Liberal Democrats are the only party to have a clear and resident-focussed vision for St Margarets; one which acknowledges the need for improvements in our otherwise wonderful community. Our Plan, which was sent to Cllr Fleming lays out clear areas for improvement by the Conservative administration. Residents can safely rely on the fact that I and my fellow Liberal Democrat Ward Councillors will continue to press for these changes.”

He added:

“Nothing in today’s requests have grand financial or resource implications for the Council. These are modest local improvements that require the full support of our Council’s leadership. The Village Plan process has to deliver more for St Margarets than warm words - the issues are clear and action must be taken.”

<cite– from Liberal Democrat Councillors press release - 15 June 2015</cite>