The elections are nearly here. We have sent questionnaires to all the candidates for the Twickenham seat and have had posted the four that were returned. They are:

The other candidates have not responded, so we suggest you read some excellent coverage from some other local groups.

Healthwatch Richmond

In March, Healthwatch Richmond wrote to all the prospective parliamentary candidates from the two parliamentary constituencies in the Borough. We asked them for their views, and those of their party, on issues around the NHS and Social Care in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames.


Oh dear. Here at twickerati HQ we’re not very good at politics because we find it so difficult to give a straight answer to a straight question. And that is why we asked five local candidates to write 500 words each setting out their stall for the 2015 election. We said we’d include a link to their website and their profile picture too. They agreed. This is what they have to say to you…

Other candidates

  • Tania Mathias - Conservative Party - website
  • Dominic Stockford - Christian Party - website
  • David Dean Wedgwood - The Magna Carta Party - website - site currently down

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