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Name: Nick Grant Party: Labour Party Email:


Tell us about your education?

Comprehensive secondary in Berkshire, York University to read English, Birkbeck College for MSc in Politics, City University for Diploma in Law, Inns of Court School of Law for Bar Vocational Course.

What are three jobs you have held?

  1. Criminal defence barrister
  2. Head of Legal at Sainsbury’s
  3. Market stall trader

I’ve lived for 15 years in St Margarets, two children gone/going to St Stephens and Orleans Park, live next to the Crane so have spent time clearing it out and de-knotweeding, Friend of Twickenham Green.


Why did/do you want to be an MP?

Two reasons: first, because through my work as Chair of Governors at a school in Feltham, I’d seen first hand the effects of the Coalition’s austerity programme on the lives of disadvantaged families and the damage being done to society; and second, because having identified the damage being done I felt myself morally obliged to try to do something practical about it. Standing for parliament and putting the case for the Labour alternative was/is my contribution.

What do you think are the top three issues for Twickenham and what do you should be done about them?

Poor planning of school places - we need to bring back local control and end the disruptive affect of Free Schools; house price increases and failure to build properly affordable housing turning Twickenham into a luxury dormitory, killing off its vitality; Rugby World Cup legacy - someone needs to find out what precisely it will be that Twickenham residents get in return for the disruption they’ll suffer.

What do you think are the top three issues are for the Country?

Managing the economy/deficit reduction fairly so that the burden doesn’t, as it has for the past five years, fall disproportionately on the least well off; investing in the NHS and ending the creeping privatisation of services that we’ve seen under the Coalition government; building the new homes the country’s crying out for, giving young people a genuine chance to build their lives.

Are there any big things you are looking to achieve or change as an MP?

Education is my passion, so I would be pushing a Labour government to show its commitment to community comprehensive schools, with strong local links and oversight, and a properly comprehensive intake.

If elected, how will you keep in-touch with your constituents?

Whilst there is obviously scope to make better use of digital and social media to stay in touch with the growing number of constituents who run their lives that way, I’m sure there’s no substitute for face to face contact at surgeries - people need that directness if they have real problems to be dealt with.

What lasting impression would you like to leave for readers

That I am standing for Labour in Twickenham because I believe the country has been taken in the wrong direction over the last 5 years and that we are steadily losing touch with some important principles of fairness.


What is your favourite musical group/band/album?

Too difficult, currently enjoying The Stereophonics, Greatest Hits

What is your favourite book?

Toss up between David Copperfield and Scoop

What is the last book you read?

Us by David Nicholls

What are three places you have lived?

  • Crouch End
  • Earlsfield
  • West Hampstead

What is your favourite meal?

Freshly caught mackerel barbecued on a Cornish beach at dusk

What is your favourite place to take a holiday?

North Cornwall, come rain or shine, a beautiful part of the world