barry edwards

Name: Barry Edwards Party: UKIP Email:


Tell us about your education?

  • 5 ‘O’ Levels
  • 2 ‘A’ Levels Environmental Studies ‘C’, Geography ‘E’
  • Dip H/E Environmental Science
  • B.Sc. Environmental Science with Commendation
  • Member of the Institute of Environmental Sciences

What are three jobs you have held?

  • Curator – River Thames Visitor Centre - Richmond
  • Business owner – St Margarets Landscaping – 15 years in St Margarets
  • Assistant Publisher – Trade Computer Journal – Richmond – 4 years

I have a very long track record in campaigning for the views of the people of Twickenham, these are my links:

Your Views

Why did/do you want to be an MP?

I am very disappointed with the Lib Dems, Conservatives and Labour, because they have not represented people correctly and over the last 30 years have not run the country well. They are untrustworthy, don’t keep their promises and don’t answer questions honestly. Unlike these politicians, I am only interested in straight talk - answering questions accurately and my answers being based in fact - I will not compromise or mislead, I will:

  • Champion Honesty & Integrity
  • Put You and Your Children First
  • Protect the Environment in which you Live
  • Support Community and Public Services
  • Deliver Long Term Economic Success
  • Return the UK to being run by the UK and Believe in Britain

What do you think are the top three issues for Twickenham and what do you should be done about them?

1. Lost of public open space - due to over-population

Within the Lib Dems, Conservative, Labour and Green’s current position, it is inevitable that huge areas of our open spaces will be lost, because they have not published a housing policy which could cope with this vast need for housing. Within Richmond Borough there 83,000 homes and a population of 190,000, at the current 1% population growth rate, the population will be 285,000 by 2050. So dividing this by the average dwelling rate of 2.3 per dwelling; this would be 124,000 homes, representing an increase of 41,000 homes. (Data from Office of National Statistics). The question must be asked of these parties; why are the Lib Dems, Conservatives, Labour and Greens allowing this to happen? Will we have to have wall to wall housing, before the damage this will cause to our Open Space and the fabric of communities is recognised? The threat of this housing bonanza on our open space caused by over-population, principally from EU migration will be untold. UKIP will stop this and save our open space.

2. Lost of public services - due to over-population

UKIP has for months been accused of racism by the “spin doctors” of the Conservatives, Labour, Lib Dems, and Greens and the political press associated with these political parties. Unfortunately some people have believed this propaganda and the press are still “peddling” this nonsense. But finally there is clear and unequivocal evidence, what these parties following EU rules, are actually doing. David Cameron says “we have cut net migration from outside the EU, but it has increased from inside the EU”. This is an admission that they have a 2 tier system which discriminates against non-EU countries. Because they cannot control the numbers from the EU, they are targeting non-EU countries. Although Ed Miliband comes across in the video below as the critic, he is even more to blame than Cameron, as it was the Labour party who signed 2004/38/EEC, more well know as the “Free movement of people directive”, so it was Miliband’s own party who caused the problem. See what David Cameron said at this link 2.15 mins onwards

The Truth about this General election has been eloquently detailed by Sir David Attenborough. If you only do one thing to help you decide how to vote on the 7th May, it should be to watch his video, so you can judge for yourself which of the parties you should choose. To see what Sir David’s has to say at this link (go to 7.20 mins). The Lib Dems, Conservatives, Labour and the Greens have not told the truth; in fact over-population is where the real pressures on the NHS, schools places and threats to services for the elderly is really being generated.

I believe the Conservative, Labour, Lib Dems and Green’s 2 tier immigration system is unfair and discriminates against countries and races, because it is not the same system for all and therefore by its very nature discriminates for some over others. There you are the truth, the Lib Dem, Labour. Tory’s and Greens discriminate, not UKIP. The open house rule for EU and restrictive rule for the rest of the world, simply is not fair - Fact. UKIP would have one fair system of immigration for all outside the UK like we used to. It would stop these pressures on public services, so there is NO funding gap.

3. Lost of your children’s future - due to greedy politicians

Within the Lib Dems, Conservative and Labour’s current position, your children will have to pay huge sums to the Government on your property and life savings after you die. You may have worked all your life and paid the tax on your earnings to buy a home and wish to pass it to your children to provide a great start in life for them. However these parties after an allowance of £325,000 threshold per person, or combined for a married couple of £650,000, will charge your children 40% tax on the value of the rest of the estate, so effectively your children will have to buy back their own home.

  • For a single parent on a property of £500,000, this would be £70,000
  • For a single parent on a property of £1,000,000, this would be £270,000
  • For a couple on a property of £500,000, this would be nil
  • For a couple on a property of £1,000,000, this would be £140,000
  • For a couple on a property of £2,000,000, this would be £799,000

This Tax on Children across the country has to stop. UKIP is the only political party that will protect our children’s future and put a halt to this injustice. These figures are not UKIP’s they are from the Her Majesty’s Customs and Revenue; Understanding Inheritance tax (HMRC, 2014).

What do you think are the top three issues are for the Country?

1. Sovereignty - politicians no longer run the Country

Within the Lib Dems, Conservative, Labour and Green’s current position, is that your country is run by the EU and this is now freely accepted by these parties that 73% of UK laws are made by the EU. We are being run by a foreign power, which isn’t even a country!! This needs to stop. I cannot understand any of these politicians even wishing to stand, when they have abdicated power away from Parliament. I cannot put this strong enough that the UK is no longer self-governing and is run in the interests of these politicians (not you or I) the country has been given away. Please find out for yourself at:

Please go to European Commissioners, these are the people running the UK; our MEPs don’t even get the opportunity to vote on new laws, as they are just implemented. The Country and UKIP needs you, so we can bring power back to Parliament and Believe in Britain.

2. Delivering long term economic success - we cannot run the country from boom to bust

Within the Lib Dems, Conservative and Labour’s current position, (let’s completely forget the Greens here, because they would expect the economy to be made smaller) is to say growth, growth, growth is the only way to save the economy. NO, no no. This is the way you use up everything at an ever increasing rate. Anyone that has ever invested in a business realises that you need resources today and resources tomorrow to enable productivity. What these parties don’t seem to realise is that you cannot get something for nothing and the best way to manage money is to expect a yield from investment. This type of shroud business practise produces long term economic success. All over the country the Lib Dems have been discredited because of their lack of integrity; support has vanished and they are now 5th in the polls. So a vote for Lib Dem is obviously a wasted vote. If you vote Labour you will get more financial ruin and over-population and if you vote Conservative you will have austerity, over-population and more false promises. UKIP believes in running the country well, within sound business principles.

3. Really putting you and your children First - making the quality of life better

Within the Lib Dems, Conservative, Labour and Green’s current position, they will put you and your children at the bottom of the heap. Why should people from other countries get your doctor’s appointment, your child’s school place, your next welfare payment, (if you ever fell on hard times), or to increase your tax bill to pay for the EU. Where have we gone so far wrong? These political parties allow people from other countries ahead of there own? If the party you are thinking of voting for agrees with the EU, then there is no future for any of us. All our public services must by under EU law and be given to people from the EU, even if people in the UK are suffering. This in my opinion is madness. I like people from other countries throughout the rest of the world, but I am British and I will always act in the national interest, your interest. What amazes me is that the “establishment” the tired old political elite have the nerve to allow Scotland to have £1,200 per person more in public services provision than a resident in England. This is also not fair. UKIP will remove all this nonsense and ask you what you would like and where possible just go and do it.

Are there any big things you are looking to achieve or change as an MP?

Honesty, Integrity & a better Democracy - improving the quality of life for people.

Within the Lib Dems, Conservative and Labour and Greens current position, you can only expect more propaganda, misrepresentation and false promises about the other parties and stealing from the public purse. I am fed up with this. The reason why these parties make false accusations, is to try and destroy, the people that expose their incompetence and ineffectiveness. I would like to bring a sense of well-being back to the country, return everyone to being polite and knowing right from wrong. To stop greedy bankers, utility companies and internet providers ripping you off and create a better place to live for everyone.

If elected, how will you keep in-touch with your constituents?

I will introduce a brand new direct democracy system where you get to choose the way I vote. This will have to be bounded by a certain sense of fairness and care, but in general, I could see myself posting online the next issue I face, or issues you have raised and collecting your views online (and by more traditional means for those without computers) and taking your decisions to Parliament. This is how I believe proper Democracy works, I work for you. This will be the most evolutionary act of democracy since Cromwell first established Parliament.

What lasting impression would you like to leave for readers

I have work for the people of Twickenham for the last 20 years, behind the scenes achieving many of the things they wanted against a rogue council (described by Private Eye) and almost over-powering party political vetted interests. No wonder across the country, these political parties are trying to discredit well meaning and successful local people like myself, by using desperate acts like name calling to try and hide the fact that they are letting down the country. It would be my aim to have local people being put first and the UK coming first when it come to making laws in Parliament. UKIP Believes in Britain, it will get Britain working and provide an increased standard of living for all. All you need to do is forget their silly name calling and find the real facts before you vote. You will be stunned what they have been doing and continue to do with your money and country. I will never consider voting for these parties every again. I hope you will feel the same and join the Peoples Party.


What is your favourite musical group/band/album?

I still enjoy trying to write music and far too infrequently performing, mainly rock/folk. But I love the song “Knights in White Satin”, if only for the line “some try to tell me thoughts, they cannot defend”

What is your favourite book?

Again, I continue to write and after my first book called “How to have an Easy Life”. I have move on to my second called “How to have a Happy Life” (soon to be released on-line). And still like the work of Chekov.

What is the last book you read?

I still don’t read much, but I have recently revisited an old favourite of mine call Ecoscience: population, resources, environment written by Ehrlich, Ehrlich and Holden

What are three places you have lived?

  • Liverpool
  • Crewe
  • Somerset Levels

What is your favourite meal?

Mature organic roast beef from a Soil Association Supplier, food carefully produced and tastes superb.

What is your favourite place to take a holiday?

Lake Balaton in Hungary - I have been going there since 1995, when it was under the control of the USSR. There were no problems with fair passage during those days and I also bought property there in 2001. The EU has made no difference!! It has just cost us a fortune and we have lost control of our borders, destiny and decision making. We need a new way, a real change: Britain needs UKIP