Mini explorers Marble Hill poster

Join the team from Brilliant Play for some exciting adventures on your doorstep! Mini Explorers Club will be exploring Marble Hill Park where adventures are waiting to be had, friendships made and little imaginations engaged in the great outdoors. All adventures are enhanced by games, stories, crafts, dressing up and other play elements to maximise the fun. Adventures will be primarily child led and supported by the ‘Lead Explorers’ who are experts in children play. Mini Explorers is for children aged 3-5 years.

At Brilliant Play we believe that high quality play is extremely important for children. We pride ourselves on blending our extensive knowledge of play theory, child development and rich play environments to provide experiences that are tailored to the children accessing them. Play is essential for children in order for them to grow and develop, it enhances physical and emotional well being, promotes creativity and critical thinking skills as well as providing plenty of practice for establishing social skills and resilience. Just as we don’t unpeel the petals of a rosebud to see the flower in bloom we can’t ‘teach’ or rush children’s development. Play allows children to ‘unfold’ their skills at their own unique pace.

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