Notice of the 2nd Annual General Meeting of the Friends of Moormead which will be held in:

The Winchester Hall, Turk's Head,Winchester Road, St Margarets on Monday 11th May 2015 from 6.30pm for 7.00pm. All signed up members are invited to attend and non-Friends who want to attend are welcome to come along on the night and join. Please note that there is, at the moment, no joining fee nor subscription.

The Agenda, as required by the constitution will be:

  1. Welcome & Introductions
  2. Annual Report from the Chairperson
  3. Adoption of the minutes of the 1st AGM held on 14th April 2014
  4. Nominations and re-elections for committee

    The current members of the Committee members are:-

    • Stephen Alexander - Chairman
    • Mandie Adams McGuire - Vice Chair
    • James Bishop
    • Peter Bloom
    • Nikki Gouldstone
    • Harry Jacobs
    • Barney King
    • Moir Leslie
    • Maddie Menzies
    • Robin Narayan
    • Lloyd Wilson
    • Peter Wilson

      If anyone wishes to nominate themselves, please let us know before the meeting.

      Those offering to stand again for re-election are:-

    • Stephen Alexander - Chairman
    • Mandie Adams McGuire - Vice Chair
    • James Bishop
    • Nikki Gouldstone
    • Harry Jacobs
    • Barney King
    • Moir Leslie
  5. The Pavilion
  6. Any other business - Questions and answers
  7. Date of next meeting
  8. Close

Dear Friends of Moormead

The FOM was formed in March 2013, at the suggestion of LBRuT, to help them by consulting on the management of Moormead.

The sudden death of Lloyd Wilson has robbed us of an enthusiastic supporter and mover for the restoration of the pavilion (and of the very popular Saturday football club). His late wife started agitating for the pavilion restoration several years ago. They are both sad losses to St Margarets.

The Pavilion is obviously the major concern. In its present state it is only suitable for storing games and Fair equipment. A condition survey was carried out giving repair costs of between £10,000, for roof & walls, and £80,000 for a full re-fit.

LBRuT have been approached by a local infants school who want to re-build within the current footprint for c.9 children (with a squaring off of the garage at the back) In discussions with the committee they acknowledged the importance to the local residents of providing some communal facilities.

Subsequently St Stephen's School expressed a similar wish for a pre-school facility for about 25 children.

We are hoping that David Allister of LBRuT will update us at the AGM.

The planning permission for the new station development includes an undertaking by the developers to create a path from the station, along the railway side of the Crane, into Moormead. It is a condition of the S106 agreement that this new path be locked shut between dusk & dawn. There is already easy access from Twickenham to Moormead along Cole Park Road. Whether in practice a new path will make any difference to the frequency and type of visits is clearly of interest to the residents.

The condition of Moormead i.e. mud and drainage was commented on in January 2014 by the councillors and many residents. The path between the pavilion and the playground has been raised and the problem solved for now.

A toddler area has been fenced off in the playground to make a safe area away from the swings. A new "spiderman" climbing frame is proving very popular.

The old drain cover beside the tennis courts has been attracting gatherings of noisy youths. There was a meeting between residents, councillors and the police. It was agreed at that meeting that benches would be sited away from the houses, beside the rail tracks so as to draw the noise away. Subsequently LBRuT extended the tennis court netting around the drain cover. As was forecast, this acted as a challenge to the youths and a new access was very neatly cut. Benches have now been installed further away.

The vegetation beside the rail tracks has been severely pruned by, presumably, Network Rail. This obviously has to be done but the effect has been to allow more noise to penetrate. The committee has always had a plan for more naturalisation around the edges of Moormead to soften the landscape and we hope that LBRuT might consider starting with this area.

There is one other area that the Committee has started to look at for the long term. It is hard to see, but the whole length of Moormead has one of London's major above ground rivers flowing unseen. There might be money available to restore rivers to their natural condition. Out of the 29 councils who could have applied for EU grants for this, only 4 bothered (in spite of the severe cuts in local government grants). It is a long-term prospect that will be investigated, with the help of FORCE.

Bill Reed, who is Community Links Officer (Village Planning) at Richmond Council will attend and say a few words about how the Village Plans can affect Moormead & St Margarets

We will hold the 2nd AGM in the Winchester Hall, Turk's Head, as required by the constitution, on Monday 11th May 2015at 1830 hrs.