pancakes catch a balls

Teaching pre-schoolers racquet skills by tossing Pancakes!

Catch-a-balls will be celebrating the week of Pancake Day by practicing tossing ‘pancakes’ in their classes. Instead of batter and frying pans, a racquet and rubber disk will be used.

With children as young as 18 months, the practice starts with balancing their pancake on the racquet and working to keep it there! The older children (well 3 year olds!) find out how quickly they need to lower their racquet and bring it back up to launch the pancake into the air before we challenge them to try to catch it on the way back down. The parents seem to enjoy this challenge too, doing lots of demonstrating for the children… what better way to impress the family than the perfect pancake toss with the real thing when they get back home? Makes for tastier pancakes as well, without extra special toppings from the floor!

Catch-A-Balls are a local family-run friendly business that run classes designed to develop critical movement and ball-handling skills in young children. The multi-sports classes focus on developing good ball and racquet skills to enable the children to go on and enjoy the sport of their choice. Their classes run every day of the week at venues in Hampton, Teddington, Twickenham, and Richmond.

A free trial class can be booked by visiting