Some great ideas from For Sanity’s Sake

It is more difficult to motivate ourselves to go out in winter - the days are short, it’s cold and the weather can be generally uninviting. But getting out is important for both our wellbeing and that of our children and lifts our mood, helps us fight colds and infections, invigorates us and keeps us fit.

But where to go and what to do?

Well, of course, you can visit the local playground or park, but it’s harder for parents to enjoy standing around in the cold or helping children play on muddy, chilly equipment in winter, even if there’s a warming of coffee at hand.

Kids tend not to be overfond of bad weather either, and it can also be difficult to entice them out of the house just for a scoot or a short walk.

More appealing is the idea of exploring somewhere new, where there’s something enjoyable or different for parents, as well as for the little ones.

And, you don’t have to go too far afield or scratch your heads too much for options. We are blessed with the two largest parks in London on our doorsteps and here’s betting that the majority of us haven’t uncovered everything they have to offer.