The “Reclaim Rosslyn Road” petition concerning the disruption caused by protesters outside the BPAS abortion clinic in Rosslyn Road has now closed with 390 signatures, almost all of which came from roads in the immediate vicinity of the clinic.

The petition was presented to Richmond Council on Tuesday 25 November 2014. It was also raised at the meeting by Cllr. Helen Hill as a ‘Ward Concern’. According to the response, councillors have already held talks with BPAS and the police in an effort to meet residents’ concerns. Cllr. Arbour, Lead Member for Performance and Community Safety, responding for the Council, reported that the police are working with BPAS to seek a way forward but the police have their hands tied by current legislation. The presentation and response are available online.

The residents behind ‘Reclaim Rosslyn Road’ indicated that they were happy to have clear Council support for their concerns but fear an ongoing campaign is still needed.

There are also moves at a national level as this problem is being replicated outside clinics across the UK. BPAS have started a campaign of their own called ‘Back Off’ to try to bring together all parties interested in achieving a workable compromise that balances protester rights against those of clinic patients and local residents.