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Heaven and Earth by Guido Casale is a novel about sisterhood in its many guises, about how social reality appears to a 25 years old activist called Sarah and to her artistically gifted sibling, Donna. The sisters, each very different in temperament, have been orphaned and are trying to adapt to the practicalities of life without parents. When Sarah receives a parcel containing her father’s private journals, the subsequent decoding of the text together with the search for the anonymous sender delivers the young women into a world far more dangerous than they could have imagined.

This is a story of mounting psychological suspense that both entertains and transports the reader on a philosophical journey into the most bizarre and misunderstood corners of human experience.

More Information

  • It is obtainable from St Margarets Station Newsagency, also from MG News 385 St Margarets Road and the author directly at or 0208 892 3133
  • All profits are being donated to The Ebola Crisis Appeal.
  • Cost is £11.95