lib dems at RFU

Local St Margarets and North Twickenham Councillor, Alexander Ehmann has turned up the heat on the Board of the Rugby Football Union (RFU). Only a week after he and local Councillors Ben Khosa and Geoff Acton wrote to the Board of the RFU to express their serious concerns about Chelsea Football Club’s proposed move to Twickenham Stadium, Cllr Ehmann has recruited over 500 local residents to the campaign against Chelsea’s move.

Setup only a week ago, Cllr Ehmann’s petition, which has gained over 500 signatories, calls on the Board of the RFU to reject the plan put forward by Chelsea Football Club, proposing that they temporarily relocate to Twickenham Rugby Stadium. The petition (which can be found at explains that residents have legitimate concerns about the impact of at least 19 home fixtures of Chelsea Football Club being played at Twickenham Rugby Stadium.

Commenting on the petition, Cllr Ehmann said:

“The response to Chelsea’s approach is a clear ‘Red Card’ from residents. In less than a week, over 500 local people have signed our petition, signalling their deep unhappiness with the proposed introduction of Premier League football to the area. While we expect support to grow for our campaign, today, we have submitted the current list of petition signatories to RFU Board as a means of demonstrating the community’s opposition to Chelsea’s move.”

He added:

“As the local Councillors we have made clear to the RFU that the silence has gone on long enough. Local people are increasingly concerned with the spectre of fortnightly football matches in Twickenham and we have asked the RFU Board to terminate discussions with Chelsea Football Club and reassure the public that this unwanted proposal will not go ahead.”

– from a Liberal Democrats press release - 15 October 2014