House Divided

Once Upon A Present Day…

George and Flora had been married for a long time and seemed very happy together. Of course there had been the occasional row - and the dents in the kitchen cabinets suggested that perhaps pots and pans had been thrown around in the past - but generally speaking all appeared well until…

One day Flora came to the conclusion that she would be better off and much happier living on her own and so she decided to get shot of George. She also decided to divide their house down the middle, she taking one half and he the other. When she told George and just as he began to splutter those inevitable questions like “What brought this on?” and “How will you manage on your own?” she informed him bluntly that she wasn’t interested in his views. George thought this rather unfair considering how long they had shared and cared for their home.

house divided

George and Flora had two children. The youngest was at college and still living at home. The other, who was working away, had moved out. When Flora told them the news of a possible marital breakup she encouraged the child living at home to discuss the matter with her and even offer an opinion… but the child living away she completely ignored. He was to have no involvement in what was about to happen - no discussion, no counsel, no comment. Only those actually residing in Flora’s half of the house would be allowed to participate. That included the Polish lodger, Andrej. George didn’t want Flora to terminate their relationship like this. Although he may have taken her for granted and kept a rather tight rein on their affairs, he did love her, not just for her good looks and engaging personality but also for her many talents and her not inconsiderable wealth.

The problem facing both George and Flora was neither of them knew precisely the size of Flora’s wealth. If it was large she would be able to live on her own for a long time. That bothered George. If it was small she would be broke in a few years - and that bothered George as well. The children weren’t too happy either. There were so many anxieties to be considered. How would they manage the services that they shared and valued? Who would pay for the maintenance of the divided house? Would Flora be able to abandon her “married” status in the community and be recognised in her own right? Would she be able to borrow money from George’s bank account? Would George still be able to park his car in Flora’s half of the drive? It was a worrying time.

Flora has said that she will announce her decision in a week or two. All those concerned, participants and non-participants alike, will have to wait.

On Thursday the 18th of September the people of Scotland will be voting on whether their country should split from the United Kingdom and become an independent country.

Any of the following over the age of 16 are eligible to vote:-

  • British citizens who are resident in Scotland;
  • Citizens of the 52 other Commonwealth countries who are resident in Scotland;
  • Citizens of the 27 other European Union countries who are resident in Scotland;
  • Members of the House of Lords who are resident in Scotland;
  • Service/Crown personnel serving in the UK or overseas in the British Armed Forces or with Her Majesty’s Government who are registered to vote in Scotland.

Those of Scottish birth currently resident outside Scotland, and that includes the hundreds of thousands working overseas - are not eligible to vote. The same goes for the other countries currently in political and economic union with Scotland.

Like George, unwanted and unconsulted, we can only wait.

“And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand.”

THE BIBLE: Mark 3:25

– from Martyn Day