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The Isabella Plantation Access Project

An exciting opportunity we have for young people between 16-24 living local to Richmond Park who have an interest and would like to learn about film making.

This summer, Groundwork London is partnering with The Royal Parks, working with young creatives to produce a film about the Isabella Plantation, a woodland garden, full of exotic plants within Richmond Park.

We’re looking to capture the area’s sights and sounds, to interview visitors, and create a compelling record of the history and environmental issues surrounding this beautiful woodland.

Participants will get hands-on experience of film making, and receive tuition and advice from professional film makers. A smaller number will then get the opportunity to learn the practical skills of film editing and sound mixing in Groundwork’s post-production suite.

We want to invite the young people you work with to get involved in this exciting project, please find attached a poster to help promote the project.

We will be delivering 5 workshops in which we will work with participants on all aspects of film making, sound, editing, directing etc, to produce a film that showcases their work at a screening event in October.

The workshops will take place between 18th August - 5th September, specific dates to be confirmed in the next few days.

More Information

  • Email or call Colin Graham for more Information
    • 020 8510 5416