a316 st margarets map

The TFL are proposing to improve accessibility to crossing facilities at St Margaret’s roundabout, Twickenham. They say:

We propose to remove the footbridge located west of St Margaret’s roundabout and install a new toucan crossing. This would provide an accessible crossing at this section of the roundabout which at present is not accessible to everyone.

A toucan crossing allows both pedestrians and cyclists to cross the road at the same time. It is wider than other formal crossings which would mean that cyclists would not have to dismount when crossing. The toucan crossing would be staggered and have an island in the middle.

To make full use of the new toucan crossing, we propose to remove the cycle lane markings from the footway and create shared pedestrian/cycle space; this would allow cyclists that use the new toucan crossing facility to continue along the footway either side of the crossing without having to dismount.

The toucan crossing would improve accessibility for everyone. All roads on this roundabout would then have accessible crossing points.

The consultation runs until 4 July 2014. For more information and to fill out the survey.